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Hog roast and BBQ

With spring and summer around the corner it’s time to start planning your garden parties.  Last year we catered for a staggering 35 garden parties from Bromley to Tunbridge Wells. BBQs and hog roasts galore.  We try and source our pigs from a local farm in Sevenoaks. Our chi
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Pie and mash

Recently we have been hearing about the traditional cockney dish “pie and mash” fading away.  We have seen in the papers about shops closing after over a century of service.  Well fear not, Bromley has a hidden secret, but not for long.  The old cockneys of Bromley is a fantastic shop
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Glazed pork belly and crispy wontons

Six nation snacks This is a great snack to put on the table for any casual event. Sticky, spicy and sweat.  Market list.  350g sliced pork belly 1tbs cardamom pods 3 inch ginger sliced 3 garlic cloves crushed 6 cloves 1 chilli split  4 star anise  3tbs bbq sauce 6t
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