Hog roast and BBQ

With spring and summer around the corner it’s time to start planning your garden parties. 

Last year we catered for a staggering 35 garden parties from Bromley to Tunbridge Wells. BBQs and hog roasts galore. 

We try and source our pigs from a local farm in Sevenoaks. Our chicken from Bromley/Orpington and our seasonal vegetables from local growers in Tunbridge Wells. 

Catering for garden parties is a great relaxed way of dinning. 

BBQs and hog roasts are always a exciting way to cater for your guests needs. It seems that us brits love to put the fire on and cook some beautiful meats and fish. Each year you can smell the charcoal burning on the streets of Bromley. You can hear the fat dripping and sizzling on the hot rocks. 

Bromley holds a number of festivals in the summer and although they have their own caterers, there is no need for you not to hold your own mini festival in your homes. 

Please contact us for menus and prices