New Year – New Food Ideas

The excesses of Christmas and the festive period generally means expanding waistlines and thoughts that turn to healthy eating

After a couple of weeks of excess over Christmas, many of us are either on a diet or trying at least to eat more healthily. If you’re struggling with your New Year’s Resolutions to avoid alcohol and rich food, you’re likely to be feeling the January blues even more!

At this time of year we struggle even more with making and sticking to new year’s resolutions because not only are we back on the treadmill at work and at the gym, but we’re also battling the worst winter weather we’re likely to ever experience during the whole of the year!

We don’t need to remind you that this year we’re dealing with some of the worst heavy storms and gale force winds in history! So what are we saying, yeah yeah, we know you can’t give up your diet, you cant fall off the wagon, you’re cashflow has taken a serious hit, but you desperately need to be spoiled!

Well here at Salt and Slate, we’ve got a very special treat for you, one which won’t break the bank, your resolutions or your no alcohol resolution..unless of course you want it to!

Low salt, low fat but high in flavour

Believe it or not, we’ve designed a beautifully simple menu option, low sodium, low fat, but high flavour with a range of low or non-alcoholic cocktails designed specially for you. We can provide a beautiful and delicious fresh catering experience which will keep you coming back for more.

Freshly cooked vegetables, swede, cauliflower, and sweet baby carrots tossed in a Chinese melee of vinaigrette and soy sauce with ginger and garlic with sesame seeds tossed in for good measure.

Why not try some freshly caught fish wok fried in ginger & garlic sauce with a beautiful blend of oriental thai spices with some healthy brown rice?

We guarantee to tickle your tastebuds and excite your eyes with a beautiful combination of fresh fragrant flavours.

Spice up your life … a little

Need something hot, why not try our homemade chicken Jalfrezi with some cheeky red and green chillis thrown in to add a little zap to your zing! Just make sure you’ve got a nice cooling minty Mojito on hand to counter the chillies.

If it’s more spice you want, we do a tangy tandoori spiced roast chicken marinaded in coriander, ginger, garlic and turmeric with our special mix of eastern spices. A dish guaranteed to warm your toes and tantalise your tastebuds.

Top off your mains with an array of side dishes like shredded kale and sprouts cooked perfectly with a hint of cumin, mustard and chilli and fresh coriander to tempt you. You can’t go wrong with a dish of our sweet and spicy Sag Aloo with a base of nutritious spinach which makes for a healthy traditional Indian side dish, combined with comforting potato and a blend of hot and healthy spices.

Lemony shellfish or the taste of Italian?

If you want something a little less spicy and simple, why not try our steamed shellfish with garlic and lemon ginger sauce, or our sweet tomato and basil Italian pasta with some fresh organic chicken. To kickstart your health regime, let us pamper you with fresh beautiful warming flavours guaranteed to speed up your metabolism and keep the winter colds and flus at bay.

Go on you know you want to, contact us and let us come and cater for all your tastes with Salt and Slate catering.