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Pie and mash

Recently we have been hearing about the traditional cockney dish “pie and mash” fading away. 

We have seen in the papers about shops closing after over a century of service. 

Well fear not, Bromley has a hidden secret, but not for long. 

The old cockneys of Bromley is a fantastic shop. Fresh and crusty pies. Vibrant green liquor and scoopable mash. The chilli vinegar is a splash of nostalgia. Even a choice of black or white pepper. 

I myself have been raised in South London and this was a treat and a staple part of our diets growing up. There is always a sense of loyalty regarding “pie n mash”. Are you an Arments, Manzies or a Goddards kind of person. I myself was a disciple of Cooks on the cut, Waterloo. 

However I am now a huge fan of The old cockney of Bromley and since discovering it last year have never strayed. 

The owner Yusuf Ismail is as warm and colourful as the liquor. I strongly advise a visit. Bromley has now a faint sound of Chas and Dave echoing in its back streets. 

The Old Cockney Of Bromley

44 Chatterton Road



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